Knits. None such thing was on my mind the last few days; it was weekend and the weather was more than good - but then I went to write this blogpost and came across the editorial from Cosmopolitan Australia below. Now where's winter? Haven't seen knits done this right in a long time, which is the reason I'm talking knits in the middle of summer.. Have a great Monday! Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue



Well, there are some new items in my closet too - thought I'd share it with you today. It's not that much - saving up for next month when we'll hopefully get a new place - but all of them are full on favorites I've already grown to love. If you're a returning reader, you have seen that leather bag before - it was my obsession/ savings project, which I ended up receiving from my mum as a present to celebrate the fact that I got a job (didn't know what made me happier, the job or the bag..!). The dress, blue sweater and red top are all beautiful pieces from COS - as well as the necklace. However, that last one has more to it - it was the gift I got from my boyfriend to celebrate our 5 years together. Subtile, minimal - he definitely knows what I like. And in return I got him this shirt .. We're such a COS couple, it seems! And then there are the Zara slippers; they turn out to be everywhere this summer, but who am I kidding - they're black, minimal and comfortable as Idunnowwhat, so definitely a favorite. And they go incredibly well with that white coated skinny jeans I got from Zara today, don't they? A little secret: it's my first white jeans ever. EVER. Always withstood the urge to get a pair as I was convinced they wouldn't survive in their original color, but now I couldn't - too many white skinny jeans outfits are in the back of my mind, so all there's left now is do my best to avoid the dirt and keep em crisp. And then, last but not least, the Samsoe & Samsoe printed sweater which I knew I had to have the moment I saw it. Minimal colors, maximum effect? 

In addition to the above, yours truly got lucky at the Birthday Giveaway at MyDubio, where I won the items below: a loose white tee and a white sweater dress. How good are these!? They were in my mailbox the day I returned from Valencia; must admit it made the Spanish/ Dutch weather transition that much easier. Thankyou for that, Joyce! 

Pictures from MyDubio

What are your latest additions to your wardrobe? Would love to hear about them!



Can't get over the summer mood, dear readers - after all, the fun summer has only just begun! This editorial from Cover Magazine June/ July captures my essence of summer when it comes to fashion: elegant, laidback yet vivid and bright. Now if only the weather would cooperate properly.. Have a great Monday! Pictures from Studded Hearts 



It's Saturday people! How was your week? Mine was full of moving around - visiting cities in the other part of the Netherlands and deciding whether they would make good places to live and all of that. Also, we watched a couple of houses - and that got my imagination going. Hence today an Interior Inspiration moodboard here on the STYLONYM - which reveals exactly how I'd like our next house to be. Can't wait to decorate, that's for sure .. Happy Weekend! Pictures from Pinterest



Obsessed with the Fall 2014 Couture Collection from Ilja Visser. The lines, the clean designs, the colors .. what's not to like!? Find my 10 favorites below! Pictures from Vogue NL



After a full week in Spain, yours truly had three points of frustration: 1) A serious amount of empty wine bottles and no proper place to get rid of them 2) The agressive Spanish women in the Zara sale 3) The extensive Spanish culture in all its forms & shapes & sounds & passion. It's something I greatly enjoy, but also - It's full, it's in your face, it's overwhelming .. and became a bit too much for me at times, the longer I stayed in Spain. 

Which might explain quite well why for this Inspiration Monday post I went back to my love for the minimal - it's the exact opposite of my environment of the past week. This editorial from the December 2013 issue of Costume Denmark is peaceful, minimal and subtile .. it's all that I need after a week in the land of the passion. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Happy Monday! X Pictures via Nouvelle - blog from Maiken Winter, stylist of this editorial