Because I'm not only dreaming about summer, but also about out-of-reach-my-wallet-won't-let-me pieces too..!

See by Chloé denim culottes / Chloé - Attitudes / Givency sandals / Equipment shirt / J.W. Anderson wide-leg pants/ Céline sunglasses / Common Projects nubuk sneakers / Heidi Klein striped bikini 

All available at Net-a-Porter



Didn't launch the WHITE board on the STYLONYM Pinterest for nothing, naturally (click to see!). Today a little celebration of the white and everything white can do - with this fresh and bright editorial from Elle France, March 2014. Makes me long for some new white additions to my wardrobe, I must admit. Happy Monday! Pictures from Why Not Model MGMT



It was yesterday afternoon when I took my time scrolling around blogs and so, and I came across the blog Mademoiselle (click to see) - from a lovely lady from the other side of the world with a great sense of style. She dedicated a blogpost to the SS14/15 colllection of Australian designer Michael Lo Sordo, and after this introduction I could not resist putting his new collection up here - what an interesting and gorgeous designs! Keywords: romantic minimalism, sexy yet strong.

And with that, I wish you all a great weekend. I'm taking mine off from the web (not from Instagram, follow me HERE), as today is part 1 of my birthday celebration and a fully planned weekend lies ahead. Expect me back on Monday, all fresh and with a new Inspiration Monday post! X

 Pictures from Vogue Australia



Just a simple post today: a summer moodboard to begin with. After all, it's only early April and we've got a big bright inspirational summer ahead (read: more Summer moodboards to come). Have a great Wednesday you all! X



Today, for inspiration Monday, a bit of a follow up of THIS post - exploring my fabric fascination to the max today. This editorial, with Sara Blomqvist and Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, from Styleby Magazine #24 is all about clean styling and silhouettes, which I stronly appreciate, but there's more too it - a wide variety of fabrics, accountable for the beautiful silhouettes. Leather, silk, mesh .. all is there, and the result is plain stunning - seeing this reminds me why it's of added value to hold a diversity of fabrics in ones' wardrobe, dont you agree? Happy Monday! X Pictures from OOTD Magazine



With eyes set on spring, I'm in such a cleaning mood when it comes to my wardrobe - unbelievable. Barely anything of SS2013 can count on my approval and the new collections at Zara and & Other Stories have me obsessed (to begin with..). I guess it's core to a new season: the feeling of starting out fresh & clean and being able to commit to something new - and I love it. This insight had me mumbling about how my wardrobe evolved over time, particularly over the last year: in other words, what changed? Kind of refreshing to take on that question - also because I believe it says a bit about who I am as a person; after all, ain't fashion a reflect of ones' personality? Anyway, I took on the question and documented my three biggest changes, which you can read below - thinking I might now do this on an annual basis, it sure generated some interesting insights!

1. The dare. The dare to play around - with styles, with my figure and with combinations of pieces of clothing into an outfit that says me. I sure picked and wore pieces I wouldn't have a year ago, with more guts than I ever had before - and now there are pieces in my closet which (I feel) reflect me and in which I'm comfortable, contrary to a year ago when I wouldn't have dared to put them on. Above you can see one of these pieces: the marble Zara blouse from last season .. which I love to pieces. The solid and simple conclusion: with personality, style evolves too.

2. The Scandinavian turn. In the proces of getting to know the world of fashion (i.e. my last 1.5 years), I wrapped my head around designers, bloggers, editorials and what else not. As a result, preferences emerge - and one thing I can say for sure my preferences lie north. That Scandinavian simplicity Renathe from StillWithYou talked about HERE does the trick - I can't help but to like it simple, clean & minimal. Current favorites? Carin Wester, Filippa K & Designers Remix. 

3. The fabric fascination. I guess it's fair to say I switched my palette of colors for a palette of fabrics - it started with the acquisition of my first 'more expensive/ better quality' pieces (Acné, Designers Remix, Hope Stockholm), which resulted in two revelations: 1) If I invest in clothing I'd better invest it in pieces that combine well, otherwise I'll have my money spending too much time in my closet 2) (when putting the pieces on) OH this fabrics feels so fine (to put it literally). The last resulted in my fabric fascination: mesh, leather, silk .. I'm in all the way, and thus got my eyes set on this silk shirt from Equipment. No wonder, right? 

How about you, what are your changes in fashion & style over the last year?